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Our Oak Flooring
At Kersaint Cobb we are ecologically minded and fully committed to respecting the environment. Our wood flooring is sourced from well-established and reliable mills in various countries. All have been inspected by ourselves and have high credentials with regards sourcing raw materials from well managed and commissioned forests. All our products comply with EUTR legislations.
The most popular style of Oak flooring in the UK is for a rustic grade plank and the majority of our collections reflect this. This timber has survived many seasons and has lots of stories to tell, which is reflected through its character appearance which has colour variances, large and small filled knots and cracks, and sapwood all of which add to the natural beauty and individuality of our floors.
"The only thing we guarantee with our Oak is that every plank will be different; you wouldn't find identical twins in a forest, embrace nature"
To help you decide on the style that best suits your home we have introduced a Grading Scale for all our ranges, this simple slide rule guide will advise you how much variation in colour, or frequency of knots you can expect in each range. The scale will be shaded from 1 - 5 and where the coloured bar stops is the general guide to frequency, 1 & 2 are low and you should expect a higher grade of product with minimal colour variation and small less frequent filled knots, whilst 3 & 4 allow for a greater variation of both colour and knots and include sapwood. All knots will be filled in either black or brown filler, your sample will display this.
Please make sure you discuss the final visual appearance of an installed oak floor with your installer to avoid any grading issues.
Grading and Characteristics
Colour Variation
Natural colour variations occur in all rustic grade oak. This is a beautiful feature that can bring warmth and character to your installed floor. Evenly distributing these colours pre-installation will allow your installer to produce a truly unique floor.
Appears as an integral feature of rustic grade timber, they will vary in size and shape and give real character to your installed floor. Knots will be sympathetically filled often using black or brown filler to enhance this feature.
Appears lighter in colour and is formed from younger outer areas of a tree. Randomly blending planks that display sapwood, can enhance this natural feature and your complete floor.

Ask your installer to discuss these characteristics before installation.
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